Wednesday, 22 January 2014

All India Radio

No I am not 50 years old. And no I did not grow up listening to the Binaca Geet Mala. And no impressions of Ameen Sayani do not impress me too much. But why do I feel like I am in this ethereal space when I listen to the Radio?

Is is because I hear most of the tunes on my dad's old stereo from the time he was my age?

Or is it because I like the feeling of sitting in front of my heater on a cold breezy evening with nothing to do?

Or is it because I like the fact that I actually hear what the other person is saying?

Or is it because I know I can do something else while the radio plays?

Or is it because there is mystery to what I might hear next? Or the spontaneous excitement of hearing the song I was just thinking of.

Or it might just be cause I know that at the hour every hour I know I'll hear the news. And because I know that if I tune in to 102.6 at 9am I would get to start my day with the Matchless Music Hour and hear some Simon and Garfunkle or Floyd with a mini detour to the bollywood of the 50s. And I know I can expect a match commentary on FM gold.

Or maybe I just like All India Radio and the classic broadcasting format.

Who knows? And who cares as long as I smile to myself listening to Neela Aasman on a cold windy night....

Take Care

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